Why hire a Designer/Decorator?

Hello my friends!  Are you ready for summer? Geez, enough of this rain- bring on the heat please!  While you’re waiting to tackle your outdoor space….  let’s talk about why you should hire a Designer or Decorator for your interior space   Did you know that HW offers Design Services?  Well now you do!  First of all, let me say that hiring a Designer shouldn’t be intimidating.  People can have the impression that Designers are expensive, or they can’t work with your existing furnishings.  Our Design team has access to a large number of suppliers and can source pieces that will work within your budget, big or small.  That’s also how we keep our fees very reasonable for you as we have everything we need under one roof!

 There are other reasons why you should consider hiring an expert.  It can actually save you money in the long run.  You’ve all seen those brand new sofas listed on Kijiji that people have purchased and can’t get through the door, or down the stairs.  How many times have you painted a room only to realize the colour isn’t right, and you need to re-paint, yet again.  A Designer can help you space plan and foresee all of those potential issues.  They can also help you prioritize what pieces are worth investing in, and where you can save on less expensive items.

 Designers/Decorators have resources that can help you save time and get things done quicker.  Especially when it comes to renovations.  They have reliable connections that you may need.  Decorators have access to products, fabrics and services that the general public doesn’t, which usually results in a space that looks collected and unique versus something from a big box retailer.


Photo courtesy of Kravet Inc.

And lastly, a well designed space will give you that WOW factor.  Designers have the creative ability to visualize how a space can look, and their attention to detail ensures you’ll have  proper lighting, furniture placement, durable fabrics, cohesive colour palettes, and a space that looks beautiful, well thought out and very functional.

Here’s how our Design Services work.  Our team of Design experts work independently of House Warmings.  A Design Consultation is $95/hour.  They’ll visit your home to see your space, discuss your project requirements and take measurements.  There are two options from this point. First, if you are looking to furnish an entire room and need help with space planning, they’ll provide a room concept with 2-3 options for room layouts, furnishings, fabrics, area rugs, lighting, drapery, etc.  The fee for this plan is $295.  Pretty reasonable if you ask me.  Another option is a Designer can source pieces for one or more rooms to add to your existing furniture.  They’ll give you an estimate for sourcing, based on their time and the scope of the project.  

 Overall, investing in Design Services will help bring your visual story to life and give you the space you’ve always dreamed of!  I can’t think of a better reason than that!