Organically Speaking

Hello lovelies! How have you been?  Are you as excited as we are about white jeans season? EEK!  We’ve noticed a refreshing change around here lately- people are coming in to the shop really excited about implementing small changes to update their homes and freshen things up for spring.  We all seem to get that itch when the days get longer and the windows start to crack open.

 Let’s talk about a few ways to freshen up your home.  Have you noticed the trend towards live plants?  Well, we certainly have- and have jumped on board with a beautiful selection of low maintenance tropicals that not only add colour and softness, come with many health benefits.  Plants help clean the air by eliminating carbon dioxide, reduce noise levels, and are even known to increase creativity!  And the gorgeous greenery we have here in the shop is easy to care for and will add a natural, organic touch to any room.  

Photo courtesy of Martha Stewart

Another great way to make small impactful changes is to add texture and colour to your home. While this isn’t groundbreaking news, sometimes we need to step outside of our comfort zone and gravitate towards a new colour (think ochre, blush, or moss green) or a texture we haven’t considered before.  Our shop is filled to the brim right now with beautiful pillows and throws in an array of colours, patterns and textures.  

 We love organic textures in a space and our new juju hats will give you texture in spades.  Seriously, have you seen these feathered beauties?  For those of you who haven’t, Juju hats are headdresses originally worn by African royalty during important ceremonies, and are considered a symbol of prosperity.  Each one is uniquely hand crafted of ostrich feathers and look stunning hung on a wall alone or in a grouping.  You must come in and check these out for yourself!

Bedroom photo courtesy of Eye for Pretty

The last nugget of design savvy advice I’m going to impart is to add a scent to freshen up your room.  There is nothing more powerful to draw you in to a room or create a lasting memory than a beautiful scent.  Our amazing team here at House Warmings has sourced an exquisite line of diffusers and liquid soaps from Lothantique.  The fragrances are very unique and inspire  the feeling of living in the French countryside.  And the packaging is so clean and minimal- you’ll want one in every room in your home!