A Fresh Start

Is anyone else feeling the pull of starting something new- a refresh or reinvention? We all need to set intentions or goals for the new year, something that’s important to our inner voice, that gives us the motivation to improve our lives or our surroundings.  From a design viewpoint, there are two things we love to do in January: restyling and decluttering our homes.  

Re-styling can be as simple as changing up your accessories, and moving things into different rooms gives a fresh perspective.  By adding a few new pillows, a throw or new piece of art, you can instantly change the feel of a room.

If you are restyling your shelves, start by removing everything from the shelves, and group items you want to keep by colour or size.  Place items in groups of odd numbers, ensuring the overall look is balanced.  Incorporate books, vases, bowls, candles, framed art layered behind your objects, and curated pieces that have meaning to you- something from your travels, or a vintage collection you've started.  Our Design experts at House Warmings can also help you pull those shelves together.  Bring in some photos along with measurements of your shelves, and we'll help you curate some pieces and arrange them perfectly.


Coffee tables often need a refresh too!  We like to incorporate a mix of books, vessels, greenery, candles and decorative objects.  Use accessories with different heights, and layer books with something interesting on top that creates a collected feel.  Greenery always softens a space and adds a sense of calm.  

Decluttering our homes can be overwhelming!  Start with a checklist of specific areas you want to clean, and try to do one a day or even one a week, even if its just one drawer.  Here are some tips for organizing different rooms in your home.

  • Check expiry dates on medications and food products and toss those that have expired.  Keep items that are more frequently used easily accessible, placing less frequently used items at the back of a cupboard
  • Designate items to certain areas in your home- for example, medications should all be together in one cabinet.  A great idea is a drawer designated for charging cables and phone accessories makes it easier to find those items when you need them.
  • Once you’ve emptied a drawer or cabinet, assess what type and size containers would help you organize the items together, keeping them neatly in place and creating more room for storage.  

  • Recycle items as much as possible.
  • Repair or sew clothing items that need it before putting them away
  • Donate unused or items you no longer want to charity or a friend.  A rule of thumb- if you haven’t worn anything your closet for one year, its time to donate it.

If you start the New Year off with beautiful, organized drawers and closets, you'll love that feeling of calm and the ease of finding things when you need them.