Top Tips for Buying a Sofa

With our Upholstery Sale well underway, we thought it would be an opportune time to give you some tips on what to look for when purchasing upholstered furniture.  It is a big investment after all, and ideally you want furniture that is well made, comfortable, looks stylish, and won’t put your next 5 years of vacations on hold!


Tip # 1- Construction

Repeat after me- kiln dried solid hardwood frame!  This is really important, as it means the wood has stabilized and won’t dry out and crack after you purchase it.  Always ask how the frame is constructed and where it is made.  There are several companies that have moved towards eco-friendly manufacturing and sustainable product development.  A good quality North American made sofa with a kiln dried solid hardwood frame won’t end up in a landfill- you’ll be able to re-cover it when the time is right.

Tip #2- Measure and Re-measure

There is nothing worse than having your beautiful new sofa delivered to find it won’t fit through the door, or up the stairway!  Take the time to measure your space before you go shopping.  This includes measuring what size the sofa should be in the room, as well as the size of door openings, stairwells, even elevators (if you’re in a condo).  Tape out the sofa and if you’re still unsure, take measurements of the entire room, take photos of it from all angles, and bring it with you and we’ll help you determine the appropriate size, scale and layout.  


Tip #3- Style

Trends will come and go, and if you’re unsure of what style you should choose, we always suggest a streamlined, classic track arm sofa. Clean, classic lines are always timeless and work with most styles and furnishings.  That said, here are some of our timeless favourites:

Newman Sofa

Manchester Sofa

Archer Sofa

Sylvie Slipcover Sofa

Brooke Sofa 

Tip #4- Fabric 

There are thousands of fabrics to choose from, which can be very overwhelming when you start searching. Things that will help narrow your selections will be your lifestyle, family, kids, pets and your wine preference.  Most furniture companies offer performance fabrics which are pre-treated and stain resistant, making them more and more popular with the under 40 crowd.  If you’re worried about spills, stay away from fabrics with linen or viscose- they will leave a watermark when spot cleaned. 

Tip #5-Cushions

Comfort is of course your first priority when selecting a sofa, and cushion content provides the level of comfort you are looking for.  Feather cushions let you sink into the sofa, but will constantly need to be fluffed.  Foam is firm and gives support, but can sometimes compress and lose its shape over time .  We find the perfect blend is a combination of a foam cushion with a feather wrap.  It gives you support and structure while providing some softness to the shape of the cushion and the squish factor.  Every manufacturer has different foam quality so always test drive it in person before you buy.