Take Care of Yourself and Your Planet

Earlier in the year, we spoke about Design Trends for 2020, but we didn’t expand on the increasing shift towards eco-friendly materials, and our society becoming more conscious of how our actions impact the environment.  This subject is vast and has many components, so let’s narrow it down to how it relates to the furniture industry.

 Almost 90% of our furniture is Canadian made- so when you buy furniture locally, you are decreasing your carbon footprint. The further away the manufacturing the more emissions created in transporting them to you.

Good quality furniture should last a lifetime!  You may need to re-cover the fabric down the road but if you buy a solid wood, kiln dried frame, you’re not disposing of your piece in a few years.  Be thoughtful about your selections, choosing classic, somewhat timeless styles so you won’t be wasteful with your money.

In addition to caring for your planet, 2020 is also about self-care.  Making your home a safe and happy space, where you can feel relaxed and calm is considered self-care. Here’s a few tips from Michele’s recent talk at A Day of Inspiration:

Edit! Make a resolution to organize your home, room by room, drawer by drawer, and get rid of things you don’t use or need.  Once you know what you have, you won’t overbuy and you’ll gain clarity in both your mind and your home.  Take pride and value the things that you keep.


Treat yourself to plants and flowers.  Plants act as air purifiers, releasing oxygen into the air, bringing a natural, earthy element in.  Plants also add softness to the hard edges in our homes.  Flowers naturally add beauty and fragrance to your home.  Simply buy a single type of flower (preferably the same colour) and fill vases to place around the house- by your bed, in the powder room, to make your home feel special.

Lemontree Interiors

    Practice self-care….create a special area in your home, it can be a chair where you read or knit, a desk to journal, a bath, or a room to meditate or practice yoga.  Place items that are meaningful in that space, things that make you happy, light a candle, make a cup of tea, add some flowers.  It’s your special spot for self care and self love.

    Kate Marker Interiors

    Make a clean start to your day….take a few minutes each night before bed to tidy up, wipe down the counters, and put away the things that collect around the house.  Give yourself the gift of a clean start every morning.


    Beautify your bed….Start with a good quality mattress, then invest in well made, eco-friendly bedding that is both comfortable and beautiful.  It will help you sleep better and encourage you to make your bed- a productive way to start your day.