Design Trends: 2020 Vision

Welcome to a new decade my friends!  Hopefully you are refreshed and ready to tackle those New Year resolutions- I’m speaking to you goal oriented people of course.  If you’re planning any Design projects this year here’s some Design trends that we’ve seen coming that might inspire you to get started.
Curves and Arches
From sculptural rounded sofas to arched windows and mirrors, this trend lends a feminine, soft quality to any room.  It allows you more flexibility with asymmetrical furniture layouts, and is welcome change to the angular, square lines we’ve seen in the past.  You’ll be seeing more of these curves this year and we’re excited about it!
Design by Kate Marker Interiors
Design by Kate Marker Interiors
Vintage Maximalism
While this concept is not entirely new, there is definitely a push towards mixing vintage pieces with many other design styles.  If you follow Amber Interiors or Studio McGee, you’ll see how they juxtapose vintage pieces with more modern style to create a collected, unique look that is both timeless and supports sustainability and the idea of re-purposing pieces rather than replacing them.  Vintage art is also making a big comeback and you’ll see it everywhere- with hand painted landscapes, and burnished frames with no mattes. These pieces add a beautiful, warm feeling to your space.
Design by Amber Interiors
Design by Studio MgGee
Saturated Moody Colours
Pantone’s colour of the year for 2020 is classic blue-19-4052.  Blue is such a friendly neutral which pairs well with almost any other colour.  In the last couple of years we’ve seen more saturated blues, rich moody greys and greens taking the lead in kitchen and bathroom cabinetry, on walls in cozy in dining rooms and dens, as well as textiles and furniture. Some of our favourites include Hale Navy- HC154, Chelsea Grey-HC-168, Cheating Heart- 1617 and Hunter green-2041-10, all by Benjamin Moore.  These colours add depth and antiquity to a room and will continue to be utilized in design this year.
Design by Devol Kitchens
Design by Studio McGee
The Latest Neutral- Brown is Back!
We can’t believe we’re saying this but brown is the new grey!  Warmer tones are making a grand entrance with colours like ochre, natural linen, taupe, mustard and brown.  These warmer tones bring a sophisticated and edgy vibe, especially when mixed with pops of black.  If you’ve seen enough of the cooler grey palettes, try incorporating some of these colours with accents pieces like toss cushions, throws, or artwork to give a fresh new feel to your space.
Design by Jake Alexander Arnold
Design by Amber Interiors
Feature Walls
Walls with interesting details can elevate an otherwise ordinary space to a new dimension.  Shiplap and wallpaper have been extremely popular over the last few years so the trend is moving towards plaster walls. Plaster has been around for centuries of course but is making a resurgence due to its beautiful texture.  Plaster has many different finishes- from shiny, to matte or even marbled and is known for being a durable finish, hence it can be used in kitchens and bathrooms.
Design by Leanne Ford 
We’re excited to incorporate some of these trends into our design projects this year and look forward to working with you!  Cheers to 2020