E-Design Services

We’ve had some inquiries recently as to whether we offer e-design services.  The short answer is YES!   If you’re not comfortable having someone in your home to do the initial design consultation, and you’re willing to provide us with all the details, we can help you implement your design vision.

 Here’s how it works:

  1. Contact us by phone (905-844-1000) or email housewarmingsinfo@gmail.com to let us know you are interested in e-design services.
  2. A Design consultant will call you to discuss your project requirements and timelines. If you would like to proceed, here’s a list of what we will need.


  • Photos of your room(s), from all angles, with close ups of flooring and any fabrics in the room that you plan to keep.
  • Measurements of all walls in the room- a simple hand drawn diagram of the room with measurements listed is helpful.  Please note your ceiling height, and if you are considering drapery, we’ll need the window measurements from frame to frame, as well as from floor to ceiling.
  • Inspiration photos you may have collected for the room are always helpful to make sure we communicate your vision in the final design.

 Here’s what you’ll receive:

  1. Two design vision boards with two different concepts for your room.  Examples are shown below. These boards won’t necessarily represent the selected fabrics or wood finishes for each piece, but will give you an overall look and feel.
  2. Two floor plans using your dimensions provided, to show different furniture placement options.
  3. Fabric and finish selections for all furniture pieces will be included.  These can be either be dropped off at your home or picked up curb side at our location, so you can review them in the comfort and safety of your own home.
  4. A shopping list of furniture and any additional decor items for the room, included along with pricing.  

Our fees for the e-design are a flat fee of $295.  This is a very valuable service that allows you to establish a solid design direction, which you can implement over time at your own pace and budget.  We’ve all been spending a lot of time inside our homes looking at the same spaces lately. And since we can’t travel anywhere, why not take your travel budget and use it towards creating a fresh new space that will make you feel like you’ve checked into a boutique hotel!