Seeing Green

Ever notice how certain colours you’ve been looking at for years all of a sudden seem fresh and new, and you’re excited to introduce them to every room in your home?  Green is a "haute hue" for 2020 that is taking the design world by storm.  

Green is a sophisticated earth tone that signifies nature, offering a warm, harmonious feel that has us dreaming of rolling hills and beautiful forests.  Its peaceful yet serene, and can blend with both neutral or saturated colours for a completely different look.  We've seen all different shades of green used in everything from textiles to wallpaper, to ceramic tiles.  Let’s look at some beautiful examples of designs that have incorporated this earthy colour.

Accessories are a great way to introduce this colour in small doses without making too big a commitment.  

From jewel tones to the softest grey green, there is so much inspiration to be found with this beautiful hue. Here are some favourite green paint colours (from Studio McGee) that might inspire you to include this versatile hue in your next design project.