Guide to Rugs

Last week was a real tipping point and one that defined history.  Racial injustice can no longer be ignored or tolerated, and we all have a lot of work to do to change the future and be the change we want to see.  As a small business, we want to align ourselves with brands that share the same values as we do, and we will no longer represent those that do not.  Our first step was to remove Vancouver Candle Co products from our shelves.  News recently emerged on social media that one of the co-owners had made racial remarks towards their distributer via text.  We will no longer promote this brand or carry their products.  Our goal is to be an active part of this anti racism movement through listening, learning, promoting black Designers and creative people in our industry that will positively impact the future of all black lives.  

That said, we’re easing back into work and wanted to share some design tips and rules around rugs and how to use them in various rooms.  Here are the basics:

Family Room/Living Room

  • Make sure at least the front legs of all furniture are on the rug.  Ideally the rug should land about halfway under the piece of furniture.  Otherwise it looks like the furniture is floating around the rug. 
  • The rug should be at least 6” on each side of the furniture.
  • If possible, try to place end tables on the rug to ensure stability. 
  • Typical standard rug sizes are 5 x 8ft, 6 x 9ft, 8 x 10ft, and 9 x 12ft. 

 Dining Room

  • All the dining chairs should sit on the rug, and when pulled out ideally should remain on the rug.  This means your rug should extend anywhere from 18"- 36” beyond the table. 
  • A 7 ft long table should require at least an 8 x 10ft rug, and an 8ft table requires a 9 x 12 ft rug.
  • Leave one foot of floor around the perimeter of the room. 

 Master Bedroom

Queen Bed

The rug should not extend under the nightstands.  Typically an 8 x 10 ft rug is suitable for a queen size bed.  This leaves approximately 12"-18” of rug on either side of the bed, and about 12”-16” of rug at the bottom of the bed.

King Bed

The rug should lay at least 8” from the nightstands.  Typically a 9 x 12 ft rug is suitable for a king size bed, with the 12 ft end running horizontally under the bed.This leaves approximately 24"-30” of rug on either side of the bed, and about 12”-24” of rug at the base of the bed.

Drawings courtesy of Studio McGee

Lastly, we wanted to share a new line of custom rugs from Dash & Albert that we now carry in our showroom.   This custom rug program means that no matter what shape or size of your space, you can now have a rug that fits it perfectly. The patterns and colours are beautiful, and the materials include wools and polypropylenes which are extremely durable and can even be used outdoors.  Come and visit our showroom to see all the samples- we hope you’ll love them just as much as we do!