There's no place like Home

We hope this finds you safe and healthy and with your loved ones. In writing this, we didn’t want to be frivolous or irrelevant talking about freshening up our homes for spring. Since we are all spending more time at home for the next while, let’s focus on survival strategies and things we can do to help keep ourselves occupied, and make our homes feel cozy, safe and comfortable.

Organize: Time at home encourages us to face the tasks that we have put on the back burner- things like spring cleaning, organizing closets and drawers, or home office organization.  Don’t expect to tackle it all in one day, prioritize a list of rooms, and work on one room a week- you’ll be amazed at how good it feels to accomplish small feats.

Photo courtesy of Tracey Ayton

Games Nights: For those that have family at home with them, this is an ideal time to do things together- enjoy a regular games night, or a movie night, a dance party, or start a book club with the kids. 

Photo courtesy of Eric Olsen Design

Exercise: Exercise can help reduce the stress and anxiety many people are feeling.  Get out for a walk or a hike.  If you don’t have equipment at home, find an online yoga or cardio video that you can do with minimal equipment.  Part of staying healthy both mentally and physically includes regular exercise.

Self Care: Now’s the time to indulge in some extra “me” time.  Take long baths, give yourself facials or manicures/pedicures, or try dry brushing before you shower- it has huge health benefits.  Use all those free skin care samples you have accumulated in your bathroom drawers.  

Photo courtesy of Marie Kondo

Cook or bake:  There’s nothing better than feeding your family a home cooked, healthy meal, and now you’ll have plenty of time to prepare it.  There’s a sense of comfort in cooking, it brings people together, creates new memories and nourishes us emotionally and physically.

Photo courtesy of Half Baked Harvest

As for your home, the most comforting things you can surround yourself with are textured throws, scented candles, some soft pillows, fresh flowers, and of course your family and pets. Stay positive and look for the silver lining- spring is here, and we will all learn some good lessons during this time that will ensure we are more appreciative of our freedom moving forward.  

Photo courtesy of M.Elle Design