The Beauty of Custom

We're back!!  We re-opened our showroom this week, and we're excited to welcome you all in.  Our vignettes have been refreshed and re-styled, with lots of new furnishings and accessories, so please come by and say hello!  We've missed you!  

More than ever, our homes need to be multi-functional, visually appealing, inviting and comfortable.  Current times have made consumers savvy researchers, with so many options readily available at your fingertips online.  But sometimes you can't quite find the ideal piece for a room, so the best option is to go custom.  House Warmings began their business over 25 years ago with custom furniture. The styles and finishes have changed over the years, but the same quality and carpentry are still used to make these one of a kind pieces. 

Here's a quick overview of our custom wood furniture program:

Types of furniture:  

Almost anything you can dream up we can design.  We have a carpenter website that showcases many of the raw wood custom pieces we've made. If you have a photo of something you would like made, bring that in to us and we can point you in the right direction.  Our scope of products range from dining tables, coffee tables, end tables, consoles, sideboards, media units, bookshelves, TV cabinets, beds, dressers, nightstands, and benches.  

Types of wood:  

The majority of our furniture is made from either solid maple or oak, but we also offer pine, walnut, ash, and wormy maple.  The cost of the piece will depend on the type of wood used.  Wormy maple and pine are less expensive woods, where as white oak is more costly than red oak or maple.  

Stains and Paints:  

We have a large selection of stains available- our samples are here in the showroom, and we can custom stain match to other wood tones in your home.  Our samples can be signed out so you can take them home and see how they look in your space.  We use Benjamin Moore paints and all of our pieces come in standard paint colours, however, we can do any paint colour for a small up-charge. 

Special Finishes

Our carpenters can make wood look old, with ruff cut or hand planed finishes as well as V groove tops with bread board ends for that popular farmhouse look.  Our top coat varnishes are now typically done with zero sheen, to provide a matte look that minimizes surfaces scratches.


Because its custom, we'll measure your space and determine the appropriate size furniture you need. There's no compromise- and the beauty is that you can tailor it fit your needs perfectly.  We do have "standard" sizes for most of our pieces, but altering the length or width slightly doesn't mean it will be more expensive.  

Many people associate custom with expensive.  We always tell customers that the price is comparable to many of our case goods items made from solid wood.  And remember, you are buying a Canadian, locally made product, made of solid hardwood that will last you for years to come.  It's an investment that you won't regret!

Here are some examples of our beautiful custom wood furnishings:

Alto style dining table. Photo @ollyandem. Design by Olly and Em & House Warmings

Custom 179 dining table.  Design and photo @paperwhiteinteriors 

Custom nightstand painted Chantilly Lace.  Photo @ingermackenzie.  Design by House Warmings 

Custom coffee table 467.  Photo @ingermackenzie Design @housewarmings

Custom coffee table 147.  Photo @ingermackenzie Design @housewarmings

 Custom waterfall desk.  Design and photo @paperwhiteinteriors