Design Trends

As design lovers, we love to soak up all the design trends for the new year, attempting to predict what will continue from last year and what will get kicked to the curb. It's important to be aware of the trends, but when it comes to implementing them in your home, you really need to consider where you're investing.  Trends should be used in moderation in our opinion, and in pieces that can be easily replaced in a few years.  That said, lets look at a few styles trending for this year:

1. Wall Murals and wall textures

Wallpaper has grown increasingly popular over the past few years, and now full size murals covering entire walls are seen creating huge impact to both large and small scale rooms.  There is still the question of whether to cover one wall or all four walls?  If you're looking to create a focal point, one wall will suffice.  Covering all the walls will enclose the space and make it feel cozy.  If wallpaper or murals seem like to much pattern, you might prefer to add texture to your wall with wood, brick or the latest trend which is Venetian plaster.  These elements add subtle textural interest without that big commitment of pattern.

Design by @nataliejonesdesignsDesign by House Warmings

2.  Home workspace

With so many of us working from home in some capacity, the need for a personal work space has become more than a trend- it's a necessity.   If you don't have the luxury of a separate office space, think of creative ways to carve out a workspace inside a closet for example, a bedroom,  or a corner in the kitchen.  You don't need a lot of room, but the key elements include a comfortable chair, a work surface that fits your computer, good lighting for reading, and some simple organization tools to keep everything in its place. 

Photo by @ethnicraft.  Furnishings available through House Warmings

Design by House Warmings. Furnishings available through House Warmings

3.  Vibrant colours

It might be time to call it quits with the grey-on-grey look.  Without texture, the all-gray look feels too neutral, cold and outdated. This year we will see more saturated jewel tones, and brilliant colours like emerald green, teal, mustard and ruby red.  It kind of makes sense that people are craving more colour, since we've had years of greys and neutrals.  Colours are attached to memories, and certain colours make people genuinely happy.  And colour is the easiest way to create a definitive change in a room.  Saturated blues ad teals will also have a strong presence in 2021.  Benjamin Moore's colour of the year, Aegean Teal, is a new lighter version of teal that gives the feeling of peace, harmony and a tranquil oasis. We all need some of that!

Design by @designs_av Photo by @klassen_photography

Kitchen cabinetry painted Benjamin Moore's Aegean Teal 

4. Maximalism

Less isn’t more when there’s a pandemic (sorry I hate using the "p" word!). The minimalist trend is on its way out and will make way for more layered, collected, and eclectic spaces.  The amount of time spent at home in 2020 has had us accumulating more things as we do more activities from home, making it difficult to maintain a clean minimalist look. To implement this look, think curated, collected items, multiple patterns and textures, saturated colours and a mix of furniture styles. It's a nod to allowing your personality and your story to shine through in your home.  

Design by @seanandersondesign

5. Plants 

This year we need to throw out the faux plants and go for the real deal.  Plants make us happy, and give us something to care for while we're home. From a design perspective, they add softness, texture and colour to a room.  And they also purify the air, and improve our moods, thereby improving our health.  If you think you're a plant killer, start with a few low maintenance plants like a ZZ plant or a Sanseveria (snake) plant.  These low light beauties require minimal care and will bring you lots of enjoyment for years.

Design by @jessicajalexander