Fall Senses

I love Fall!  It's the time of year when all your senses come alive.  I'm talking about the spectacular show of coloured leaves, the crisp smell in the air, and the warm cozy textures next to your skin.  I could go on....but let's focus on a few fall elements that can welcome your home to the season. 


Rich, fall colours like ochre, copper, velvety browns, and earthy greens are sure signs of autumn in decor, and a simple way to introduce the season into your home. Not only are we seeing these colours in accents like pillows and throws, they are showing up strong in furnishings like our Ember Sofa below.   If you don't want to commit to an ochre sofa, try adding some new pillows, a throw or even a decorative vase in those warm tones. Think about creating cozy moments with texture layered throughout the room. 


We all know that emotions and memories are connected to our sense of smell.  Adding new scents to your home can help create warmth, ambiance and some new memories for the season.  We've introduced a new line of candles this fall by Lohn. Locally made in Toronto, by two young women who spent time travelling in France, perfecting scents from various regions they visited.  These coconut and soy based wax candles are clean burning and come with recyclable packaging.  They've also created a line of essential oils that don't require a diffuser- just a ceramic pebble to drop the oil into.  These oils are vegan and paraben and Phthlalate free.  These scents create clarity and energize your personal space.  A personal favourite is the Nord oil, a woodsy blend combining balsam fir, pine, fennel and cedar.  


Texture comes in many different forms.  Designers will introduce texture through  art, wallpaper, fabrics, area rugs, wood furniture, lighting, or natural elements like dried grasses or plants. The key to adding texture in a space is to layer it throughout the room, especially if your space is monochromatic.  A chunky knit throw or a sheepskin is a great way to introduce warmth to a room without blowing the budget. Here are some gorgeous examples of textural rooms that will hopefully inspire you to warm up your home this fall.