Good News!

In the spirit of positive thinking, we wanted to share some good news and good deeds that are going on in both our community and around the world.  So many people are rising to help the needs of our strained frontline workers and inspiring a pay it forward attitude.  Here’s a few we’ve taken note of:
Gresham House/Q Design Centre/Custom Home Decor
Gresham House is a custom furniture manufacturer who has been sewing hundreds of masks to donate to the Michael Garron Hospital Foundation in east Toronto. 
Q Design Centre and Custom Home Decor (CHD) are custom drapery companies that have also been sewing masks and caps for healthcare workers at Oakville Hospital.  Maxwell fabrics has donated some of the fabrics to CHD. Q Design worked with one of the nurses to draft a pattern for the cap remotely that would fit them perfectly. Q Design has started a Go Fund Me link to allow people to donate to help them purchase the necessary supplies.  If you’d like to contribute, click on the link below:
Community Restaurant
Community Restaurant In Oakville (343 Kerr Street) is offering 50% off all healthy, vegan meals to all healthcare and frontline workers in the community as a way of thanking them for their sacrifice.   
Annie Selke
Annie Selke is the parent company of our Dash and Albert rugs.  They have donated 363 yards of fabric to over 17 locations in the United States and Canada for fabric masks.   
Kim and Jamie Fitzpatrick
This dynamic couple from Burlington, who run an online health and wellness website, design headbands under the Legacybykim brand.  The Legacy Foundation began as a charitable foundation to donate a portion of sales to Cancer research. Healthcare workers expressed the need for a more comfortable way to wear their masks that were hurting their ears during long shifts.  They came up with the solution of sewing buttons onto the headbands so the masks could wrap around the buttons instead of their ears!  Such a clever solution!   
John Krasinski
Everyone loves actor John Krasinski, who recently started a weekly Some Good News video on You Tube: He highlights good news stories from around the world, and interviews celebrities to bring some laughs and lighthearted jokes to all viewers.   
Maria Shriver
Maria Shriver is a Journalist, Author, Founder of The Women’s Alzheimers Movement, and an online newsletter called The Sunday Paper- @thesundaypaper.  She publishes news and views that “rise above the noise and move humanity forward”. The newsletter is full of positive stories of people around the world helping others, and inspirational messages to give people some hope and strength during this difficult time.   
Thank you to these kind and thoughtful people and companies who are making this journey a more positive experience for everyone.