Featured Artisan- Nomadic Citizen

We’re always on the lookout for beautiful, unique artisan pieces that will give your home that collected, well travelled appeal.  Nomadic Citizen is a company we recently discovered, that seeks out and works with talented artisans all over the world to create curated collections of handmade textiles and accessories for your home.  All of their pieces are ethically produced, and created out of a love for travel, indigenous cultures, textiles, handmade goods and doing good.

The company was founded by Kisha, who was born and raised in Toronto.  Inspired to travel and do something more meaningful with her life, Kisha left for New Delhi, India in 2011 and spent 10 months doing volunteer work.  It was there that her love of handmade textiles and traditional crafting techniques was formed.

Kisha collaborates directly with individual artisans, choosing to work with small groups intentionally because these craftspeople have limited production, and are often overlooked, and in greater need of support.  This can be very challenging as communication is sometimes difficult (no Internet) and larger orders take longer.  

Below are some of the beautiful hand crafted pieces that these incredible artisans have created.  Juju hats were ceremonial headdress’ worn by royal dancers during the Bamileke tribal ceremonies. Made from natural wild bird feathers, they symbolize prosperity.  They are well sought out for home decor as wall hanging art and we currently have them on display in our showroom.

The Bolga baskets are perfect for shopping at farmers markets, going to the beach, or for storing toys, blankets or fruits and veggies in your kitchen.  They are made of elephant grass and have leather handles.  The textures are simply gorgeous and would elevate the look of any room in your home.

Kisha wrote in her Journal that her personal motto is fewer, better things and experiences.  To live more intentionally, to shop small, and take pleasure in the little things, chase big dreams, seek adventure and to relax.  Suffice it to say we can all learn something from this beautiful soul.