Summer Vibes

Now that summer is here, things in general are starting to relax.  Mornings are slower now that kids are finished school, and we're transitioning to slow living, which ironically we should be experts at now.  Since most of us will be at home this summer, enjoying our indoor and outdoor spaces is more important than ever.  There are some simple changes you can do to make your home feel more like a summer vacation retreat. Let’s take a look at some inspiration photos of spaces that really reflect that summer feeling.  

Photo by Kelly Nutt Design 

Photo by The Lifestyled Co.

The common element in these images is natural texture.  Create visual interest through layering various textiles, materials (wood, natural stone), colours, and metals in your space.  Add some woven materials, like some baskets or a woven chair, introduce light coloured woods through accent tables or accessories, textured wallpaper or clean, white ceramics. All of these contribute to a relaxed, almost coastal feel.

Another simple tip is to roll up your heavy rugs and expose your bare hardwood floors.  Or replace those heavy rugs with a simple jute or sisal rug that will again provide some texture and lighten the space. Take a good look at your rooms and try to edit down some of the accessories to make it feel lighter and brighter.  Rotate your pillows and accessories replacing them with lighter woven textures, and soft neutral colours.

Photo by Slettvoll 

We say this all the time but plants are truly your best friends.  They clean the air of carbon dioxide, add softness and bring the outdoor element into your home. Even if you don't have a green thumb, there are low maintenance plants or good quality faux greenery available.  

Photo by Lindye Galloway

And finally, the most cost effective change you can implement to create your summer retreat is to paint the walls. The inspiration photos have very light, almost white walls.  The lack of colour on the walls allows all of the other elements in the room to stand out, giving them more importance.  If you can't live with white walls, find a soft neutral that works with your overall palette and one that will reflect light into the space.  

Once you've finished, pour yourself a summer cocktail, and sit back and enjoy your hard work!  Cheers to summer living!