Styling your coffee table

Our design team has been working extra hard this summer creating beautiful new spaces in our client’s homes that they can really enjoy during this never ending staycation.  Sometimes a little styling goes a long way.  We recently posted some tips on styling your coffee table and wanted to elaborate on some of those details.


Tip #1

Start with a tray, a low basket or a bowl.  Its a great way to corral the remotes kicking around the living room, as well as any small items such as candles or decorative objects.


Tip #2

Next, add in your favourite coffee table books.  Ideally you want to stack two or three together to create some height.  Here are some of our favourites:


 Tip #3

Add in some greenery.  We can’t emphasize how much a fresh plant elevates your styling, bringing in fresh colours, texture and softness that only nature can provide.  Whether its a succulent, a potted plant or some really good quality faux greenery, you need to have it!

Tip #4 

Bring in your useful items.  Whether its coasters, a scented candle, matches in a pretty vase, or palo santo, these items create another layer and are functional and appealing.


Tip #5

Add in some personality.  Whether it’s a vintage piece you picked up in your travels, or something you’ve collected, these pieces tell a story and reveal something about yourself.  They should make you smile when you look at them everyday.


Just have some fun playing with different heights and textures and incorporating the pieces you love.  You can't go wrong!