Mother's Day Traditions

How's everybody doing? Hard to believe the month of May is upon us and Mother’s Day is just around the corner.  This year, in particular, we should celebrate and appreciate our wonderful Mothers for all the cooking, cleaning, teaching, and a host of other chores they've been inundated with. Moms have played a huge role in supporting their families through this challenging time.  Of course not all of us can be with our Moms right now, but we can certainly thank them through small acts of kindness.  

We wanted to share some of our favourite Mother’s Day traditions that our team has done throughout the years, some of which you won’t be able to do at this time.  But make a mental note of the ones you think your Mom would enjoy and you both would look forward to for next year.

Breakfast In Bed

What better way to spoil Mom than waking up to a beautiful tray with a "brunchy" cocktail, some yummy pastries served on beautiful dishes, a linen napkin, and fresh flowers.  Its the simple details that make this so special and a perfect way to kick off Mom’s special day. If you can’t be with your Mom, you can order a beautiful breakfast from her favourite restaurant and have it delivered to her door!

Spa Day

A spa day may seem sort of cliche, but they certainly are very relaxing and Mom definitely needs a day to be pampered. You can keep it simple with a manicure or pedicure, a massage, or just spend some time in the steam room or water therapies.  At home spa therapies are another great way to treat your Mom. You can make some beautiful bath salts or natural skin care products as creative gifts for self-care at home. Here’s a link to one of our favourite bath soaks.

June Home Supply

Photo Session

Every Mother’s Day one of our team members takes a photo with her mom.  You could include a few generations if you are able, so you can look back at them throughout the years.  Make it fun by striking the same pose, or wearing the same coloured shirts, or always using the same background.  You’ll come to cherish those memories for a lifetime.


Learn Something New Together

Treat Mom to a new experience every year- that could mean taking a class together, whether it’s cooking, or photography, or learning a new skill from a YouTube video.  The point is to select something that Mom is interested in of course, and that you can learn from too.


Happy Mother's Day to all the beautiful Mom's in the world- we appreciate you immensely!  We hope you take the time to relax, rest and enjoy one of these traditions, or create some new traditions for generations to come.