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Masinissa Rug

Moroccan inspired woven wool rug with a subtle geometric pattern.  Made of a combination of wool, cotton and polyester.

2'W X 3'L- $276

3'W X 5'L- $650

2.5'W X 8'L- $845

4'W X 6'L- $929

2.5'W X 12'L- $1,235

5'W X 8'L- $1,687

6'W X 9'L- $2,151

8'W X 10'L- $3,295

9'W X 12'L- $4,277

10’W X 14’L- $5,619

12'W X 18'L- $7,900

15'W X 20'L- $10,331

Finishes: The Masinissa rug is available in sizes as listed. Available only as shown.