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Tis the season…to come up with fun and unique gift ideas for the person who has everything!  Hope this will help!

These luxurious linen hand towels are my go to gift!  They come in natural and white with beautifully embroidered monograms, they are only $24.00 each.  Pair them with a wonderfully fragrant guest soap and you have a great gift for around $30.00

Crazy for Cupcakes?  Who isn’t?  Here are some great cupcake themed gifts including notebook sets that are 4 for $18.95, Silicone Flower Baking Cups for $15.00, Dark Chocolate Cupcake Mix with a Raspberry Lemon Glaze for $12.00, or a two tiered Cupcake Stand for $25.00.  We also have the “Hummingbird Bakery” Cupcake Cookbook for $23.95.  I visited the actual “Hummingbird Bakery” when I was in London this summer and it is as delightful as you might think it is!

This is one of my favourite new candle lines, these “Library” candles are made by Paddywax, and they are perfect for the book lover!  The soywax candles come in travel tins for $9.00 or glass jars for $25.00.  They also have a fragrance diffuser in each scent for $29.00.  Scents include the “Walt Whitman”, which has hints of grass, thyme and red clover, the  “Edgar Allan Poe” which is fragranced with cardamom, absynth, and sandalwood , the “Jane Austen” which has a more feminine note that includes gardenia, tuberose and jasmine, and finally the “Charles Dickens” which has a holiday scent that is a  combination of tangerine, juniper and clove.

This inspirational book is dedicated to those who live in the moment, who are commited to living their lives on purpose.  It’s a wonderful compilation of quotes  and inspirations, its simply titled “be” and it retails for $19.00.  It is the perfect gift idea for almost anyone!

This wonderful selection of specialty serving pieces will add elegance to any table.  They include  a lovely condiment bowl for $47.00, a butter dish for $59.00 and my favourite, the cheese dome for $80.00.  There are more pieces to this collection, come in to House Warmings and see the many possibilities.

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