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In case you missed it in our most recent newsletter we did 5 Questions with our featured employee and manager Karen Calistan. Here is a little bit about her and some of her favourites for Fall!

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Karen is our multi-talented manager at both the Lakeshore and West House Warmings locations. Karen has been a part of the House Warmings team for 17 years and continues to provide leading quality design insights for our customers and clients.

  1. What is your favourite Fall colour?

I actually love all the colors of fall. It’s my favorite time for merchandising at the store. After months and months of spring/summer colors there’s always something comforting

and inviting about injecting the warmth back into the store. If I had to choose one color though it would be burnt orange!


  1. What is your favourite trend for the Fall season?

Navy blue! When buying for this fall and winter it was everywhere. whether shown in a muted palette with natural linen, with mustard yellow or emerald green. Whatever your spin it just works. especially with today’s trend of mixing metals and metallic leather.


  1. What are you most looking forward to for Fall?

Of course jeans and sweaters but when it comes to my home I would have to say texture. I grew up in Scotland surrounded by texture. Whether it is a “drystane dyke” (wall constructed without any mortar), the heavy rustic wooden castle doors, wrought iron or sheep grazing in a nearby field with thick wooly coats. I love to add texture.


  1. What is your favourite part of being in the House Warmings Family?

First of all just that, Family! House Warmings has been like a family for me. I grew up with parents who ran a successful family business so I understand how it works.

I have always appreciated the flexibility that comes with that.

I love the variety that my job affords me. from managing the stores and staff, merchandising, customer service, working with suppliers, buying new furniture and accessories each

Season, as well as my Design Services and working with wonderful clients! I have to say though that our staff is the best! I am very

fortunate to get to work with such a dynamic group of talented and creative women each day. Their support makes my job much easier!

Our customers are wonderful and loyal! Without them House Warmings wouldn’t have grown the way it has. I wouldn’t have had the chance to be part of all the new exciting advances that House Warmings has made during my seventeen years, so I look forward to the years to come.


  1. What is your best style tip for clients?

Buy something because you LOVE IT, not because you have a place for it. You will ALWAYS find the perfect spot!

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