Illuminate your Senses

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The sense of smell is our most primitive sense, the one most closely related to emotions.  Come in and savour the new scents in the Illume line of products.  We have Pineapple Cilantro, Desert Tulip and Cactus Verde.  They will be sure to evoke feelings of happiness and renewal as we approach the spring season.

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Simple Scandinavian Style

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By Michele Hatziioannou
Here is a design trend we are LOVING at House Warmings right now…its actually nothing new, but today we are calling it “Simple Scandinavian”.  Creating the Simple Scandinavian style in your home involves some extreme editing!  Get rid of your clutter, and only display items that help to create the feel of a pared down space where you can breathe and live simply.  The Simple Scandinavian style includes bright white walls, and often white floors.  There is usually a mix of light and dark, and often an organic texture thrown into the mix.  This style also mixes items from different eras, and something distressed or aged will juxtaposes the clean lines and matte finishes.  This is what makes this style so fresh and interesting.  Here are some “inspiration” pictures to give you the general feel:
Photos:  Line This Klein, Styling by Helen Wiggers via Stylefiles
And here are some pieces that we have at House Warmings that can help you create the Simple Scandinavian look in your home:
Yasmine Buffet – The mix of white and the organic nature of the wood give this piece amazing character, the clean lines of the hardware are also a nice feature
Alban Chair – This gorgeous chair comes as shown, but also in white with the natural rattan seat
Alamo Table – Pair a rustic, but clean lined table like this with the Ray Chair below
Ray Chair
Pierced Metal Light Fixture – The simple, industrial feel of this fixture would be perfect in a dining or living room
Mercer Sofa – Pair this sofa with a the Millwright Coffee Table to give your room the same feel as the inspiration photo above
Millwright Coffee Table
Vintage Lounge – If you have an empty corner of a living room or bedroom, this lounge is hard to resist
So grab some white paint, get rid of all the clutter, invest in a couple of classic pieces of furniture and enjoy the benefits of living your life in Simple Scandinavian style.

Gift Ideas!

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Tis the season…to come up with fun and unique gift ideas for the person who has everything!  Hope this will help!

These luxurious linen hand towels are my go to gift!  They come in natural and white with beautifully embroidered monograms, they are only $24.00 each.  Pair them with a wonderfully fragrant guest soap and you have a great gift for around $30.00

Crazy for Cupcakes?  Who isn’t?  Here are some great cupcake themed gifts including notebook sets that are 4 for $18.95, Silicone Flower Baking Cups for $15.00, Dark Chocolate Cupcake Mix with a Raspberry Lemon Glaze for $12.00, or a two tiered Cupcake Stand for $25.00.  We also have the “Hummingbird Bakery” Cupcake Cookbook for $23.95.  I visited the actual “Hummingbird Bakery” when I was in London this summer and it is as delightful as you might think it is!

This is one of my favourite new candle lines, these “Library” candles are made by Paddywax, and they are perfect for the book lover!  The soywax candles come in travel tins for $9.00 or glass jars for $25.00.  They also have a fragrance diffuser in each scent for $29.00.  Scents include the “Walt Whitman”, which has hints of grass, thyme and red clover, the  “Edgar Allan Poe” which is fragranced with cardamom, absynth, and sandalwood , the “Jane Austen” which has a more feminine note that includes gardenia, tuberose and jasmine, and finally the “Charles Dickens” which has a holiday scent that is a  combination of tangerine, juniper and clove.

This inspirational book is dedicated to those who live in the moment, who are commited to living their lives on purpose.  It’s a wonderful compilation of quotes  and inspirations, its simply titled “be” and it retails for $19.00.  It is the perfect gift idea for almost anyone!

This wonderful selection of specialty serving pieces will add elegance to any table.  They include  a lovely condiment bowl for $47.00, a butter dish for $59.00 and my favourite, the cheese dome for $80.00.  There are more pieces to this collection, come in to House Warmings and see the many possibilities.

It’s Fall!

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Now that Fall is here, so is the season for entertaining!  If you are looking for some great items to help with that task, here are some wonderful new products designed to make entertaining beautiful and easy!

If you would like to inject some of the season’s hottest metal (that’s gold) into your home, try these beautiful serving pieces from Mariposa.  The stunning 100% recylcled aluminum has a gorgeous gold border.  The bowl is $266, salad servers are $72, platter $235 and pate knife is $25.  This would also make a wonderful Christmas gift…

Here is a very easy appetizer, or a wonderful way to make garlic bread!  Wildly Delicious has a new line of “Garlic” product which is mouth watering.  The new terra cotta Garlic Roaster is only $16.00 and will make your garlic soft, spreadable and taste mild yet flavorful.  They even have a Garlic Roasting Oil that is flavoured with Thyme, it is $8.00.  Once your garlic is roasted, it can be served as an appetizer, or added to butter with one of their delish Garlic Seasonings, to make the best roasted garlic bread.  The seasonings come in lemon and parmesan or a mixed herb and they are $5.50 each.   Mmmmm!

These are a must in my home…white napkins!  They look fresh and crisp and can be bleached if they become stained.  These 100% cotton napkins are $17.00 for a set of 4.

Check out this fabulous Cheese Knife Set, it includes a five piece set which has something for every cheese type.  The stainless steel blades are designed with a beautiful wooden handle and they come packaged in a lovely gift box.  They are only $28.oo for the set, this would also make a great gift!

These beautiful service pieces are made of white ceramic and they have solid pewter handles and/or bases.  They are a wonderful complement to your regular serving pieces, and will look gorgeous on your buffet or dining table.  The pieces range in price from $43 – $250.

Finally, don’t forget the powder room.  These individually packaged guest soaps are absolutely decadent.  The luxurious 20g bars are perfect for a dinner party or open house.  They come in wonderful fragrances like Goat Milk & Lindseed, Sea Watercress & Chai Tea, or Thyme Flower & Coriander.  The individual packages are $2.00 each.  They are rich and creamy triple milled soaps made with 100% organic Shea Butter.  The assorted package includes 8 different fragrances and is sold for $17.50.

Wishing you many blissful evenings with family and friends…


What’s Hot

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This is a very strong trend right now, if you pick up a copy of any dwelling publication you may even see an entire home where natural linen is the only fabric used!
Pictured below is G. Romano’s “Icon Verdi” Condo Sofa, it’s clean lines juxtapose the natural linen fabric beautifully. It is $1630 and is offered in other styles and fabrics. The linen pillow on this sofa is only $30 and the jute wine bags are $10

The Seattle Dining Chair is a beautiful and reasonable on trend option in natural or charcoal linen at $299, it has a lovely silver nailhead detail!

Another popular trend today is the graphic pattern, we see it in fashion and especially home decor. The attached toss cushions ranging in price from $32 – $80 are an excellent way to bring this trend home!

It’s back! In home decor and fashion, here we have two gorgeous “Toywatches” with gold embellishments $400 each. The “Foxy” double strand necklace is very hot at $40 and the Indian inspired bangle is only $29.

Both of these oversized lamps are completely on trend, one of them even covers two trends oversized and natural linen!!! They range in price from $270 – $298.

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