How to Hygge

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Is anyone riding the Hygge train yet? You probably already are but you’re not aware that you’re on it. Leave it to those incredibly smart and good looking Danish people to coin a phrase known as “hygge”, prounounced (hoo-ga) or (hue-gah) but you can basically sound it out however you like- that’s part of the whole experience! The Danes have been practicing hygge since the late 19th century- why have we not taken notice of this till now?? The definition of hygge is all encompassing- it is a feeling of being comforted, warm and sheltered. It’s an experience of togetherness and belonging to the moment and to each other. It is about being not having. It can also be used as a verb- to hygger, or an adjective- hyggeligt, meaning hygge-like. We all hygger when we gather to share a home cooked meal or a glass of wine in front of a fire. It’s all of these warm, comforting experiences that connect us with people and give us a sense of well-being and relaxation. Hygge is part of a purposeful approach to living that softly shifts our priorities and heightens our sense of what is extraordinary in ordinary life. So how can we bring hygge in to our everyday lives? Well, as I mentioned, you are already practicing it in small ways. Whether its drinking a cup of hot tea while reading a good book or stepping into a hot bath at the end of the day. Here are some tips that can help you capture that feeling of hygge in your own home. Add Texture When you think of warm, cozy interiors, your mind instantly goes to soft textures that add layers and dimension to a room- chunky knits, sheepkins, faux fur throws or pillows, and soft wool or shag rugs. Different tactile surfaces help to create a styled look, especially when combined with a roaring fire or soft candlelight. Invest in Candles Candles, whether scented or unscented, have the ability to transform a room into a warm, welcoming escape and will also provide a sensory experience that will layer memories of beautiful places or experiences you’ve had. House Warmings has an amazing selection of candles with fresh, clean scents you will love. Simplicity is Key There’s no need to revamp your entire space to make it more hyggeligt. Small things such as indulging in your favourite tea made in a beautiful teapot, putting out your favourite photographs in new frames, or bringing some fresh plants or flowers into the house, can give you an instant mood lifter whenever you see them. Take the time to enjoy simple changes and simple everyday things in life. Appreciate what you have.  Now I sound like my mother as I’m writing this, but truly the idea behind hygge is to enjoy your environment, especially your home. Our lives are stressful and we all need a place to escape and experience true relaxation. We also all fall into the trap of wanting to have our homes completely “done”. The concept of hygge means we need to slow down, and be content with what we have in life and focus on the personal connections and experiences that make our lives meaningful. That’s a tough one, I know. Hygge is everywhere in this world, you just need to get out there and discover it!

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