Time for a change

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by Karen Calistan
Does it matter that Mother Nature is reluctant to give up old man winter?  Not in the world of Interior Design.  We can move ahead and infuse our homes with spring or summer colours and textures without her!

You can see below that all it takes are a few accessories which really won’t break the bank but will bring a great deal of satisfaction to you.  It will feed that crave you have for change after a long cold winter!   A change is as good as a rest after all!!


I used some of the fantastic new accessories available for the 2013 Spring/Summer Season from House Warmings to give one sofa and coffee table two completely different looks.


The first look is all about natural textures with a calming palette, from the coarse weave of the rope mirror to the smooth finish of the marble coffee table top.  The fish add depth to the look and the white vase punctuates all the natural materials with a clean crispness.


The second look also has a lot of texture on the beaded toss cushions and the art gives a sense of movement but the main thing you notice from this look is the sparkle and smoothness of the metal finishes as well as pops of various shades of bright blue which creates a lively, fun look to enjoy!


Try it yourself, you might be surprised how much fun you have and how creative you can be!


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