New House Warmings Website – Launched Today

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We are so very excited to launch our brand new website!  Hope you enjoy it!  Would love to hear your feedback!

Michele’s Favs

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Things I love…

It has been just over 15 years since we first opened House Warmings. My fourth child, as I like to call it, has evolved from a little shop (only 600 square feet) in the Town Square, to a three storey “teenager” on Lakeshore Road. Today, I love my little shop more than ever and here are some of the things we carry right now that I am especially fond of…




Keep Leaf is a Canadian designed and manufactured line of eco-friendly products. The smart, functional sandwich and snack bags are the perfect alternative to wasteful and expensive plastic baggies. My daughter loves the pink floral set, but we also have the less “pretty” black and white versions. There is even a little cloth napkin. Each of the bags are made of 100% cotton with a water resistant liner and a secure Velcro closure. They can be washed in the dishwasher!!! These are brilliant, and you feel good using them. I also love the Keep Leaf “all purpose reusable bags”, washable and 100% cotton, I take these to the grocery store and fill them with fruits and veggies. Check out more of what Keep Leaf has to offer at


I love candles. I burn candles every day. One day I will probably have a post all about candles, that’s how much I love them. I recently had a customer ask me if we carried the little battery operated candles, it took everything in me not to shout out “those are NOT candles”! Now that you understand how much I like candles, you should also know that I really enjoy a good Mojito! So you can imagine my excitement when I found the “Paddywax Mint Mojito Candles”. They are a glorious turquoise blue color and the scent is sugar cane, lime and mint leaves…ahhhh! This is the perfect summer candle! If you are not a fan of the mojito, we have four other scents that are equally fabulous!



This beautiful chair would look great around an old farmstyle table, or a new contemporary version. It is upholstered in a natural linen and has silver nailhead detail. It also comes in a dark charcoal color. In addition to being classic and comfortable, this chair is only $299. What is not to love?


These paper napkins are so wonderful, I don’t know where to begin? They are made in France, and they actually feel like cloth. They come in the most beautiful patterns and colors, once you use them it is difficult to go back to just an ordinary paper napkin!



This good looking coffee table is made in Canada, and is a wonderful combination of clean lines and warm wood tones. The stainless steel frame is topped with Natural Walnut Veneer and it retails at $850.


I think this is such a great gift! Made of 100% recycled materials, and handcrafted in Mexico, every step of the production process is ecologically sound. The Mariposa Monogrammed Napkin Holder would make a wonderful hostess, shower, or wedding gift. Very special and personalized!

I hope you have enjoyed some of my favourites. I love doing the buying at House Warmings, each season I am excited by all of the beautiful new products we can offer our customers. I really have the best job ever!

House Warmings is a family run business which has been in Oakville for twenty one years. We have a wonderful variety of furniture and home decor products, all selected to create a warm and inviting environment in your home.

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